• How much do your services cost?

    Our apartment locating services are always free to you!  There is no cost to the renter. We get a referral fee from the apartment community that you lease from.

  • Why use an apartment locator?

    Several reasons. Your time is valuable – why waste it running around looking at apartments that really won’t fit your needs.   We usually get you a better deal than you can get on your own because we know who has the best deals and how to negotiate with the communities.    We are there to help you understand the mounds of paperwork you are about to sign.  We pre qualify you so that you are not wasting money on application fees that usually cost $50 per person average.

    About pre qualifying – how do I know what I qualify for and if my credit is an issue?  That is what we’re there for.  We ask you questions about your income, credit history, rental history and criminal background.  Our data base lists which communities will work with what issues.   Did you know that if your credit isn’t perfect some communities will ask you for a deposit up to one month rent or just deny the application?  We know who works with first time renters without an additional deposit.  We know who will work with less than perfect credit without an additional deposit.  We know who will work with any situation so you won’t have to drive all over town asking the same questions and receiving the same answers.

    Looking for a stand up shower?  We can help you!  Looking for wood floors?  We can help you!  Have a big dog and want a dog park?  We can help you!  Looking for a gas stove?  We can help you!  Have a king size bed?  We can help you!  No matter what we are looking for we can help you!!

    How do you know you are getting the best deal? We’ll let you know!

  • My lease isn’t up for a few months, when should I start looking?

    It’s never to early to call Citywide!  Most apartments now require a 60 day written notice so usually 90 days before your lease is up you can start getting an idea of what the prices are at the communities you will be interested in.  If you use a locator you won’t miss out on look-n-lease specials by driving around looking at places without representation.

  • OK – I found a place I want to live at, now what do I do?

    Your Citywide agent will be there to assist you with the application paperwork.  They will make sure that all terms discussed with the apartment community will be in writing on the back of your application so there is no misunderstanding about your rent, specials, etc.   You will need to write checks or buy money orders for application fees, administration fees and deposits.  When you turn all this in to the apartment community Citywide will follow up with the apartment to make sure they handle the paperwork process in a timely manner.  They will work the leasing agent to offer suggestions just in case there is something on the application that might be cause for denial.   If you are not getting good service from the apartment community Citywide will be there to assist with communication which will alleviate some of the stress involved with moving.  Basically, Citywide will be there with you until you move in!  If you have any questions about that 20 page legal contract you are about to sign your Citywide expert will be there for you!

  • What if I decide I want to rent a duplex or house – or even buy a house or condo? Can Citywide help me?

    Yes!  Most Citywide agents are Realtors also and we can assist you with leasing or buying a duplex, condo, townhome our house.

  • How accurate is the information I can get online vs. apartment information I can get from Citywide?

    Availability, prices and specials change daily at most apartment communities.  A unit can be available online and somebody could be there leasing the unit.   Our data base is more accurate than most online free searches and we always call and verify the information for you.  No more wasting time and inaccurate information!

  • Yikes! I waited until the last minute – will I be able to find what I’m looking for?

    Yes!  That’s what we’re here for!  Actually, the BEST deals are usually for ASAP moves but make sure you contact Citywide because we know who has a vacant unit that they really need to get rid of.  We are faxed and e-mailed specials from the apartment communities daily.  We know where to go for those best deals!

  • What is your “Refer a Friend” program all about?

    We LOVE referrals!  If you know anybody who is looking for a new place to live… apartment, duplex or home, whether it is to lease or purchase, please give them our phone number.  When we lease them we will give you a $50 gift card to the store or restaurant of your choice!  You can also call your favorite Citywide agent and give us their name and phone number so we can contact them.  Please make sure they mention your name when they call us looking for their new place.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Just please give us a call.  We are here to help you!  Ask us any questions.   Remember – we are there for YOU!!

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